How I edit my aurora photos.

I decided to make a video showing how I work on my aurora photos.

I figured it would be easier to just look at my screen instead on me trying to tell you in words.

I’ve never done a video before so it’s very amateurish and far too long! It was twice as long but I’ve cut out two clips, one where I edit an underexposed corona and one with a winter scene with messed up white balance.

If I ever do another one of these I promise I’ll keep it very short and only focus on a single image.

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12 Comments on “How I edit my aurora photos.

  1. Thank you Mia for doing this. It’s really interesting to see how you work in such detail. On the panorama, the “bent” horizon is perhaps due to the axis about which the camera is rotated on the tripod not being exactly vertical?
    I do have a little difficulty catching all your words in the video. There is some distortion on the audio and you do speak very quickly sometimes!
    But it’s a brilliant piece of work!


    • I’m sorry about the audio! :/ That choppy, tapping noise isn’t there in the original. It must have happened when I exported the video or when it uploaded to YouTube. I don’t know how to fix that.
      Yes, I do speak very quickly, always have! I really tried to slow it down here though. 😄 I’m sorry!


      • The first one was shot here in town behind my house, the second one was in Abisko and the panorama was on the far side of lake Luossajärvi here in Kiruna. 🙂 the lights on the other side is the city and our skiing hill.


    • Also, I’m Swedish, English is not my native language ☺️ so maybe my pronunciation is off.


      • Your pronunciation is absolutely fine! I was hoping to catch the names of some of the locations around Kiruna that you mentioned in the video where you took the photographs. Could you mention them here please?


  2. Thanks for sharing!! Much appreciated!
    Also quite amazed to see panorama working so well for long expose photos…


  3. Hey Mia,
    I’ve just started trying some astro photography and found your video incredibly helpful. Nice and clear and not cluttered up with loads of technical jargon like some are. I like that your approach is subtle and sensitive to the experience and conditions as you recall them, rather than trying over-produce things.
    I’ve been using Lightroom for a while but didn’t realise that you could synch adjustments across groups of photos – and I haven’t used the profile adjustments either, but will certainly experiment now.
    Many thanks again for taking the time to put this together – have bought you some coffees 🙂
    Stay safe,


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