A summary

Winter is coming to an end and so is the aurora season. Our nights are now getting much brighter and soon there will be daylight round the clock.
It’s with mixed feelings I see the starry sky go this time. It’s always sad not being able to stargaze at all but this year I’m happy to welcome summer.
Not many photos were taken by me this autumn and winter. At the beginning of the season I relapsed in my disease and was too sick to go anywhere at night. Then my beloved Tellus suddenly fell ill and left us way too soon.
Weeks after that I had my radiation treatment and am still recovering while waiting for the results.

Needless to say, this season has been awful.

I still wanted to share a few photos taken in the last eight months.

This was the start of the season. The end of August when nights were finally dark enough to see the light. I shot these, by the Bengt Hultqvist Observatory here in Kiruna, an observatory owned and operated by the Space High School.

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Next up is this September night out in the village Holmajärvi not far from town. The first sighting of our beautiful galaxy, The Milky Way. The aurora also put on a show that night. Our galaxy is not the only one visible in this photo, in the top left corner just to the left of the satellite trail is the Andromeda Galaxy. Our neighbour 2,5 million light-years away.


Later on in September I shot this. My most treasured photo. It’s not by any means technically perfect, it’s a snapshot in our backyard but it means the world to me. Tellus and I enjoying the autumn night while the aurora shines above. ❤️


And then everything happened. Life fell apart, hearts broke. This was February 4th, almost a month after Tellus passed. My first time out stargazing behind the house since it happened.

The aurora flared up as I was climbing the plowed up snow hill so I sat down and teary eyed took this picture.


That’s this whole season summed up. Time for a fresh start, time to heal. Time to soak up the sunlight, watch everything come back to life. Watch my new family member Wil Wheaten grow up and create new adventures together.


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