2018-01-24_08-02-34-01Photographer based far above the arctic circle in Kiruna, Sweden. Fortunate enough to live in the subarctic where the northern lights frequently light up the night. This shows in my photography which more often than not features those magical lights in the sky.

My aim is to show the wonders of the night sky accompanied by earthly elements. To get people interested in astronomy and start looking up.

Sadly a starry sky isn’t that easy to find anymore due to massive amounts of light pollution on this planet. If we, stargazers, amateur astronomers and astrophotographers, grow in numbers maybe we can change that.

I’ve written a beginners guide to aurora photography, you’ll find it here:

how to photograph the aurora

My work has been published in books and magazines, web publications and newspapers. Forbes being the latest feature piece, you’ll find a link on the press page

I’ve been awarded two NASA APODs, been named one of the best astrophotographers in Sweden and I’ve been shortlisted in the Insight Astronomy Photographer Of The Year competition.

All photos on this website are © Mia Stålnacke and miastalnacke.com 2018, All Rights Reserved and may not be published without permission.


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